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Date - 01/7/2017

Kollam, Trivandrum - Two adolescent girls who were admitted in the after care home as the victims of cases registered as per POCSO Act committed suicide on 8th June 2017.

Date- 08/7/2017

Maruthangudi Village, Madurai District- The Hon’ble Vice Chairman visited two shops located in the village and enquired with the tea shop owners and the general public on the practice of double tumbler system.

Date -20/7/2017

Shri.Alagar @ Alagarsamy, an SC person at Housing Board Colony, Rajakoor Madurai , Chennai- Shri.Alagar @ Alagrasamy an SC person was brutally assaulted by two non-SCs on 9th of July, 2017 when Shri.Alagar questioned them about abusing a girl in their locality. It was reported that Shri.Alagar was stabbed by the two non-SCs namely Shri. Saddam Hussain and Shri.Kalimuthu and sustained grievious injuries. He was admitted to Madurai Government Rajaji Hospital immediately i.e., on 9th of July, 2017 and succumbed to his injuries on the 12th of July, 2017.


Puliyarambakkam village near Cheyyar of Thiruvannamalai District- Puliyarambakkam on 28.7.2017 by visiting the atrocity victim’s houses and damaged properties of the SCs. The Hon’ble Vice Chairman met the family members of SC person murdered in the atrocity incident and consoled them. The atrocity victims and SCs of the village explained how the attack took place and their continuing fear and apathy. Their main grievance was that the District Collector, Thiruvannamalai District has not visited their area from the day of incident i.e., 23.7.2017 despite their repeated requests. However, the District Collector, Thiruvannamalai had only visited on 28.7.2017 alongwith the Hon’ble Vice Chairman after the lapse of 5 days.

Date-02/08/2017Sreekaryam, Trivandrum- Shri. Rajesh, who murdered on 29.07.2017, and Hon’ble Vice Chairman visited the house of Shri. Rajesh on 2.8.2017 at 10.30 am.


Thrissur- Visit to House of Shri. Vinayak, who committed suicide after releasing from Police Custody.

Hon’ble Vice Chairman visited the house of Shri. Vinayak on 03.08.2017 at Thrissur. Details of compensation: ₹ 4,12,500 given to the victimized family.


Sreekaryam, Trivandrum- Murder of Shri.Rajesh, Hon’ble Chairman and Hon’ble Vice Chairman assured that they will recommend State Government to take a cabinet decision to provide a compensation of ₹25 lakhs to family.

Date- 23/8/2017

Kannamoola, Trivandrum- Murder of Shri .Vishnu, Hon’ble Chairman assured that they will recommend for taking necessary action in connection with assault as per the SC/ST (POA) Act and will recommend for treatment assistance.


Kattakada, Trivandrum- Eviction of SC woman from her habitat house, named Smt. Kumary. Hon’ble Chairman directed District Collector, Trivandrum to allot land at the earliest.

Date- 23/8/2017

Neyyatinkara, Trivandrum - Murder case of Shri.Rajesh, Hon’ble Chairman recommended to give ₹5000/- as pension to W/o Shri.Rajesh, to extend free education to Shri. Rajesh’s children, allot house or house site. Also assured that considering the pathetic situation of the family he will recommend to Govt to sanction ₹25 Lakhs

Date -23/8/2017

Trivandrum- murder case of Shri.Vishnu, Trivandrum.

Date- 23/08/2017

Kattakada, Trivandrum- Rural in connection with the eviction of SC woman from her habitual house, named Smt. Kumary.

Date- 23/8/2017

Neyyatinkara, Trivandrum- Murder of Shri .Anil kumar, Hon’ble Chairman and Hon Vice Chairman assured that they will recommend state Government to sanction lifelong pension to wife of Shri. Anil kumar and free education to children up to graduate level. Also directed to sanction mandatory monetory relief. And house or house cite to victimize family.


Thrissur City- Murder of Shri. Nirmal, Hon’ble Chairman directed the district administration to sanction mandatory monetory relief. And house or house cite to victimize family.


Chennai- Spot visit to Ariyalur in the suicide case of Ms.Anitha.

Date- 25/01/2018

Karnataka- Koppal and Vijapur, regarding rape and murder of a dalit girl.

Date- 23/02/2018

Chennai- the death of SC woman at Kombukkaranendhal, Sivaganga District, ₹4,12,500/- has been paid as monetary relief.

Date- 26/02/2018

Chennai-the death of SC boy at Vellampudur village, Villupuram District.

Date- 15/3/2018

Kerala- Hon’ble Vice Chairman, NCSC, visited the house of shri. Akash on 16.3.2018, who murdered on 2.1.2018 at Chathannur, Kollam.

Date- 16/3/2018

Kerala- Spot visit Carried out by Shri.L.Murugan, Hon’ble Vice Chairman, NCSC, HQRS, New Delhi on atrocity victim Smt.Haimavathy on 16.3.2018 at Ezhupunna in Alappuzha District.

Date- 16/3/2018

Kerala- Spot visit Carried out by Shri.L.Murugan, Hon’ble Vice Chairman, NCSC, HQRS, New Delhi at Pattathara Colony situated at Pattanakkad Block, Ezhupunna, Alappuzha district on 16.3.2018.

Date - 06/1/2018

Madhya Pradesh- Dewas Dist. where 4 person died in a sewage septic tank on 30.7.2017.

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