Non-formal actions by the Commission (CHAPTER IX)


17.0 Non-formal actions by the Commission

17.1 The Commission may initiate correspondence in special cases in matters which are not strictly covered under the law if the matter is such that the welfare of an individual person belonging to Scheduled Castes or that of a group of such persons is involved and it is necessary for the Commission in its inherent capacity as the protector of the interests of these classes of persons, to take action. The decision for correspondence on such matter shall be taken at the level of Director or above.

17.2 All routine formal communications from the Commission shall be issued under the signatures of an Officer not below the rank of Research Officer/Section Officer.

17.3 The Commission can sue or be sued through its Secretary.

17.4 The Scheduled Castes in these rules will have the same connotation as is given in clause 10 of Article 338 of the Constitution.

18.0 Applicability of rules, etc., of the Central Government

18.1 All rules, regulations and orders issued by the Central Government and applicable in the Ministries/Departments will also apply in the Commission.

18.2 The provisions relating to the delegation of financial powers in the Government of India shall apply to the corresponding officers in the Commission.

19.0 Use of Staff cars

The Staff Car Rules of the Government of India shall apply for the purposes of utilization of staff cars in the Commission.

20.0 Decision on matters not specified in these rules

If a question arises regarding any such matter for which no provision exists in these rules, the decision of the Chairperson shall be sought. The Chairperson may, if he deems fit, direct that the matter may be considered at a meeting of the Commission.






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