It shall be the duty of the State Offices of the Commission:

(i) To act as the “eyes and ears” of the Commission in the State(s) under their jurisdiction.

(ii) To maintain effective interaction and liaison with State Government/UT Administration on behalf of the Commission.

(iii) To serve on State Level Advisory Councils/Committees/Corporations, etc. on behalf of the Commission:

(iv) To provide information and documentation about the policies and programmes of the Union Government for the welfare and advancement of Scheduled Castes to the States, NGOs, Media in their respective jurisdiction, and obtain similar information and documentation from such organizations and provide to the Headquarters of the Commission information/documentation about important developments, social movements, policy changes etc. in the State(s) affecting the interest of Scheduled Castes.

(v) To monitor and assist the working of voluntary and other non-governmental organizations receiving grant-in-aid from the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment as also other Ministries/Departments of the Central Government and the concerned State governments, foreign Aid Agencies etc., for Research Studies and any other development work relating to Scheduled Castes.

(vi) To conduct Research Studies, Seminars, Conferences, Surveys etc. either on their own or as entrusted to them by Headquarters from time to time.

(vii) To conduct on-the-spot inquiries into cases of atrocities on Scheduled Castes either on their own or as entrusted to them by Headquarters and interact with the concerned Administrative/Police authorities having jurisdiction and report to the Headquarters.

(viii) To deal with complaints/representations from individuals, Scheduled Castes Welfare Associations, etc., on various matters.

(ix) To participate and advise in the planning process for socio-economic development of Scheduled Castes as envisaged under clause 5 of Article 338 of the Constitution of India.

(x) To collect, compile, analyse and monitor issues pertaining to development of Scheduled Castes in the states especially with reference to Special Component Plan (SCP) and Special Central Assistance (SCA) and prepare drafts of Reports pertaining to the State(s)/UT(s) under their jurisdiction.

(xi) To prepare and maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date database of Scheduled Castes population, education, development etc. in the State(s)/UT(s); and

(xii) To perform any other duty specifically assigned/entrusted to the State Office(s) by the Commission or the Secretary or any other officer empowered in this regard.

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