Frequency of meetings

8.1 The Commission shall meet at least once in a month. The notice for a meeting shall normally be issued two weeks in advance. Emergent meetings may also be called by the Chairperson either on his own or on the request of a Member or the Secretary for disposing of important matters requiring urgent consideration by the Commission.


8.2 Presence of atleast three members including the Chairperson and/or Vice-Chairperson shall constitute the quorum for holding meeting of the Commission.

8.3 Matters requiring decisions by the Commission at its meetings

The following matters shall be brought up before the Commission at a meeting for consideration and decision:

(i) any amendment to these Rules of Procedure;

(ii) matters to be investigated by the Commission directly;

(iii) all the reports that are required to be considered by the Commission as provided in these rules;

(iv) any matters that a Member may like to bring to the meeting, with the approval of the Chairperson;

(v) important matters relating to planning and development for the welfare and advancement of the Scheduled Castes and specially references received under Article 338 (9) of the Constitution; and

(vi) any matter that the Chairperson may direct to be placed at a meeting of the Commission.

8.4 Agenda for the meeting

The agenda will normally be circulated to all the Members at least seven days before the date of the meeting, provided that for an Emergent Meeting, this time limit may not apply.

8.5 The minutes of a meeting shall be circulated as soon as possible to all the Members.

8.6 Place of meeting of the Commission

Normally the place of meeting of the Commission shall be the Headquarter of the Commission at New Delhi. The Commission may, however, decide to hold a meeting at any other place in India.

8.7 Fee

The Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson and the Members shall not be entitled to any fee for sitting in the meeting of the Commission. However, the entitlement of part-time Members, if any, may be determined by the terms of appointment of such Members.

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