9.1 Need for sittings

Whenever a matter is to be investigated into directly by the Commission it may do so by holding sittings of the Commission. In the case of such sittings, the presence of all the Member may not be necessary.

9.2 Officers to be present

Whenever a Member(s) is holding a sitting, an officer of the Commission, not below the rank of Research Officer/Section officer, duly deputed for the purpose, shall be present to assist the Member(s) holding the sitting to discharge the functions properly and promptly. It shall be the duty of the officer to assist the Member(s) in preparing the report if called upon to do so by the Member(s). The officer shall also be responsible for assisting the Member(s) in following the prescribed procedure.

9.3 Frequency of sitting(s)

Sittings of the Commission may be held as and when necessary. The Commission may hold more than one sitting simultaneously in different parts of the country with different Members functioning separately.

9.4 Programme of the sittings

The programme of the sittings, both at the Headquarters and at other places, would normally be worked out each month in advance and duly circulated.

9.5 Defraying expenses to witnesses

The Commission may defray travelling expenses to persons who have been called through summons to appear before the Commission in a sitting, provided that the place of residence of one person is more than 8 kms. from the place of the sitting of the Commission. The amount so defrayed shall be limited to the actual traveling expenses plus Daily Allowance for the number of days that the person has appeared before the Commission in its sitting, provided that the person is not entitled to travelling and daily allowance from any other source. Persons who are employees of the Government/Public Sector Undertaking shall be deemed to be on duty if they are summoned to depose before the Commission or produce documents. The limit of travelling expenses shall be determined on the basis of the rail fare and road mileage calculated on the basis of the rates that may be prescribed by the Commission. In the case of any doubt regarding the entitlement of the person, the decision of the Secretary of the Commission shall be final.

9.6 The officer attached to the Member for the purposes of the sitting shall take steps to ensure that sufficient cash amount is carried if the sitting is held at a place other than the Headquarters of the Commission. The Secretariat of the Commission may devise a suitable procedure to ensure that such claims as above are paid on the spot and in cash to the person(s) so appearing.

9.7 The claim for traveling expenses as above shall not be admissible in the case of a person who appears before the Commission during any investigation or enquiry on his own accord or in response to a communication or notice which is not a summon issued by the Commission.

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